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Save time. Be more productive. Achieve your goals. Hustle. Hustle. Hustle.

That's all that seems to be circulating on the web recently.

Does this sound like you?

You're the entrepreneur who didn't want to wait to retire from their 9 to 5 to start pursuing their passions, so you made the gutsy decision to start your side hustle. Or you've even taken your business full-time! Your problem now, ironically, is the success.

You’ve started this great business and that your passionate about except the everyday important yet time-consuming tasks are taking over. You can't seem to find the time to work on the projects that require your special touch. Projects that will move your business to the next level.

You eat, drink and sleep your business - to the point that your friends barely remember what you look like. There doesn't seem to be any balance between your business life, your personal life and the fun things you like to do are a distant memory.

You have this constant nagging feeling that you're behind.

When you happen to get sick or something happens unexpectedly in your personal life, it can take days before you're able catch up because all of the responsibilities are on your shoulders. You're the CEO, Marketing Director, Intern, and the Janitor of your business.

The reality is that right now as a solopreneur you are your business.

And at some point if you don't make the right investments in your business, if you continue the way things are going now, you'll end up in a situation that is not only bad for your business but bad for your health — reaching burnout will only put you in a worse and more complicated situation.

Earlier this month I got back into the blogging game and re-launched my site as - which has been exciting and an amazing experience (Don't miss out on the special announcement!). The key reason for the re-launch was that I wanted to start offering online administrative help and support to creative entrepreneur women.

My mission is to work with creative women that I can truly support and help them to produce quality work that will make their dreams and goals a reality. I believe that balancing the important things in life - loved ones, careers, spirituality and their passions, can't be done alone.

See I didn’t have to do this. That is, launch a site and offer not only services but tools, tips and advice to help other entrepreneurs like myself to grow their business and reach their dreams. I could've continued to use my over 6 years of experience as a coordinator and continued my career in the corporate world. Instead, this summer after working on client projects I realized I'm passionate about it (a.k.a It lights a fire under my preverbal butt).

So why should that matter to you?

Well, it means I’m bringing all that passion and energy into your business. This isn't just about hiring  someone to do tasks for you.  Instead, I want this to be about: Motivation. Empowerment. Encouragement. I want to be the person who sends you a quick message to remind you about that webinar you wanted to watch today. Be the person you think to call or write when you have this amazing idea but you need help flushing out and organizing the details. 

Passion is contagious, so when I see someone passionate about not only their online business but about helping others I get excited too! Something goes off in this brain of mine that starts planning, organizing and coming up with ideas and systems of how I can help them streamline and improve what they are already have going.

Isn’t hiring help just going to cause you more work?

Yes and no. It all depends on what you want from your business.

Your business is an investment of your time and that includes hiring and training but once that new team member is trained the benefits are amazing!

Picture this: waking up in the morning, grabbing your coffee, sitting down to your computer and getting notifications that those tasks you’ve been pushing to the side for months, the one that were important but not urgent, are now completed and just awaiting your review. How?

Because you have support. You’re not alone. You have someone in your corner. Someone that even when you may not be working, they’re still moving things forward on their end.

Life gets busy. We all deal with that but isn’t an awesome feeling to know that certain things are being taken care of even when you can’t be there? Having help allows you to delegate important but time-consuming tasks so that you can focus on the projects that require your special touch. It allows you to focus on the things that will allow you to move your business forward instead of maintaining the current status quo. Growing your team means growing your business.

Growing your team means growing your business. 

Or how about having someone who understands your business and what’s like to run an online business. Someone that you can brainstorm with and get feedback when you're working on new ideas.

Investing in expanding your team helps you to save time, feel more productive and gives you the flexibility for the important things in life like having a date night with that special person in your life or spending time with your kids or working on those hobbies that you love but never seem to have time for.



That's who I want to be for my clients. I'm not simply a virtual assistant or project manager.

Instead, I'm your team member. Your colleague.

I'm the girl in the bleachers cheering you on and giving you that extra push.

To celebrate the launch of and this new adventure of mine I have a special offer:

  If you book with me before January 31st, 2017, I'm offering 15% savings on the regular fees for

the Passionate Entrepreneur or the Ambitious Entrepreneur package.

(Act quick because spaces are limited!)


Not sure if this the right step for your business?

I recognize that maybe hiring administrative help isn’t the right step for you right now.

Maybe you simply need to setup systems and invest into some tools that will help you to automate and run your business more efficiently. And if that’s the case then I don’t want to work with you :) … well, at least not until it’s the right time for you and your business.

Although this might seem counter-productive to me booking clients, and don't misunderstand - I want to grow my business - but the goal is not to simply book clients for the sake of booking clients. I truly want to work with other creative bosses who have similar values and dreams. That, like me, are down-to-earth, friendly, passionate, ambitious and honest. If sincerely believe this isn’t the right step for you I’ll tell you.

That why I’m happy to offer a free no-obligation virtual coffee date to talk about you, your business and your needs and whether expanding your team is the right next step for you.

You can get more information about that here.

Or if you prefer just send me an email with any questions you may have! 

Day Designer - My First Impression

Day Designer - My First Impression

Hello Gorgeous! 

So a little while back  I decided to spoil myself by splurging and investing in the
Day Designer planner by Whitney English.  Although I may have a *cough cough* small addiction when it comes to stationary items, I've never previously invested this much in a planner . It actually took me forever to decide whether to buy it or not. I've been a regular YouTube watcher, and had been seeing reviews on several different planners and three caught my eye: the Erin Condren Life Planner, the Simplified Planner by Emily Ley and the Day Designer.  I thought it might be interesting to give you my thoughts and first impressions of the Day Designer and why I chose this one over the other two planners. 

Let me start off by explaining why I didn't choose the Erin Condren Life Planner or the Simplified Planner. The EC Life Planner was actually the first what I've dubbed "high end" planner, that I was exposed to. I fell ABSOLUTELY in love with the gold foil design on white background cover, yet I couldn't justify spending the money when the layout of at a week at glance really doesn't work for me. I need room to write my friend, lots of room :)

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