Weekly Wishes #1 with The Nectar Collective


Hello Gorgeous!

Welcome to my first Weekly Wishes :) I want to start by extending a warm thank you to Melyssa from The Nectar Collective for starting this Link Up that allows fellow creatives to reach out and support one another. 

I decided to participate because I feel this is great opportunity for me to keep accountable not only to myself but more importantly to YOU my amazing followers. There's just something about posting your goals on the internet that just gives you a swift kick in the butt needed to get things done. So here goes!

Since this is my first time linking up to Weekly Wishes, I'm only including this week's goals. Next week I'll include a recap of how I did as well as my new goals for next week. 



  1. Finalize blogging schedule for December : I'm hoping to be as proactive as possible and commit myself to always having a great content for you every week. 
  2. Start drafting blog post for upcoming weeks : I'd like to get at least the next 3 upcoming posts drafted 
  3. Work on a freebie for YOU! : I've been working on some freebies for you but ran into some road blocks (grrr) and I'm hoping to figure out how to fix them this week.


So what small steps are you taking this week to reach your dreams?
Leave a comment below! I would love to know and support you in anyway if I can.

Have a great week! 


The Nectar Collective Weekly Wishes