Starting a Blog - My Why

Hello Gorgeous!

So wasn't sure I would make it to positing today as I wanted to but here I am :)

I've been thinking a lot about this blog and the direction I want to take it in. How to make it my own. I know I definitely want this to be a place of positivity and encouragement. A place where we help one another achieve our passions and dreams because you know what, life is HARD and there is enough negativity in this world that we don't need to add more to it. This also about me making the best I can from the life that God blessed me with. It's about being honest with myself about what I really want and finding it. But it requires hard work. I can talk about the inspirational and motivating aspects all I want but to achieve any of this takes planning, and requires that an action be taken every day, whether big or small, towards going after the things I want and not just letting life slip away.  So here is a little about myself and this blog. 

Someone that has known me for years took a look at my website-blog the other day and gave me some feedback. They said that they loved the design and that picture I chose for my profile really showed the down to earth person that I am but they felt that my purpose wasn't clear. That what I wanted to accomplish wasn't immediately apparent when readers came to visit. So I explained my long term goals and got immediate support, encouragement and excitement. Which felt great :) But although I want to eventually share my long term goals with all of you, I'm not there yet. This got me thinking about the short term and figuring out my why. So I've been pondering it over for a few days -- I'm an over analyzer as you will soon discover . So here I am writing this at midnight lol when I should be sleeping. Especially since I have to be up in five hours. But that's me - the night owl and the over analyzer with an impulsive nature. I'm also someone who is genuine.  I've always loved helping people. I've always been the go to person among my friends and family for help, advice and support. I'm the person that as one very good friend put it - she likes to spill it to lol.  I try my best not to judge except when it comes to hypocrisy which is my biggest pet peeve, that and being cold. And I like, scratch that, love to plan and organize, research and figure out the best systems for getting things done. But that also leads to what I mentioned earlier -- over analyzing. To the point that sometimes I take so much time trying to figure out how to do it that I don't get anything done! But I always feel like I need to know where I'm going and what the plan is. I like knowing where I stand which is not I logically realize always possible but the emotional side of me doesn't seem to care.  I'm also someone that takes too much on my plate and then never stops. I sometimes struggle to find balance and to stop and smell the proverbial roses (one my favorite flowers by the way, as well as hydrangeas). Yet the past three years have thrown a lot of trials my way, and I realized that not only is life short but that we have to try and make the times when bad things aren't happening moments where we can smile. 

Which brings me to my purpose. I want this blog to be a place where I can share with you articles, tips, tricks and ideas on how I'm figuring out how to balance all the things that make me smile in this complicated thing we call life.  Yet it's not just about organizing ourselves since each person has their own style but to help you figure out what works for you. Hence this is why I keep referring to this as my new adventure.

And one more thing about me to which my friends can attest to is - I'm a very private person - so putting all this on the internet is a HUGE step towards  achieving my dreams. 

So here you are, a little piece of me.

Now tell me about you! What type of tips and help are you looking for to help make your passions come to life? What do you need help with to find balance?