Get Planning! Your Free Helpful February 2017 Calendars


Time flies! Can you believe that we’re already starting February 2017 this week??!!

January 2017 has been a whirlwind! Between relaunching the site under (read more about it here), on-boarding new clients and setting up new systems automate my side hustle this month has been an exciting but very busy one. Not that I’m complaining. It’s been hard work but honestly I'm loving it. 

And it’s looking like February 2017 will be just as exciting and lively!

This is why one of the habits I’m working building this year is scheduling time at the end of each month to plan my goals and set out the tasks for the following month. 

Although consistency is still a struggle,  when I do take the time to plan my month I’ve noticed that not only am I more productive on  a day to day basis but also more intentional with what I’m working on. Being more intentional allows me to move forward in my goals versus just being “busy”. This is particularly essential as I try to balance my 9 to 5, side hustle, self-care, family, friends and spiritual commitments. 

The biggest tool I use during these planning sessions are calendars. Yes, more than one. You see, I love being surrounded with calendars. I know it may sound strange but hear me out. 

Currently, as I’m writing I’m surrounded by a wall calendar, desk calendar, desktop calendar, my paper planner and a few monthly calendars that I printed out earlier today. Why you may ask do I need so many?

Well the wall calendar here is the breakdown:

  • the wall calendar is set to January to quickly reference this month,
  • the desk calendar is set to December again for quick reference
  • I’ve switched my desktop calendar to the February SC Insider calendar (get your’s below!) 
  • My Erin Condren planner is opened to today’s to-dos. 
  • And the monthly calendars I printed? I use those to flush out ideas and plan for my blog, SC Insider Monthly note and social media editorial calendars 


As much as I love technology, I’m still paper and pen kinda of gal (hence the paper planner). I enjoy drafting and flushing out my ideas on paper before typing them into whatever tool I use to plan digitally. Writing it out helps the ideas flow and typing it in allows me to make changes during the month and still keep it neat and pretty. 

Speaking of neat and pretty, to help get your planning game on I’ve created free calendars to help you plan your month. If you haven’t been able to tell, I love elegant and pretty images so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I would include that in my freebies.

Enter your information below to download:

  • a elegant desktop calendar
  • a simply designed print-friendly calendar
    (because like you buying and replacing the ink in my printer is not my cup of tea)

By joining and becoming an SC Insider each month you’ll receive your free desktop background calendar; the current month’s print-friendly calendar and as a bonus I also include the following month’s printable calendar if you want to plan ahead :)

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